Friday, 13 May 2050

Welcome Home!

Hello Everybody,

I reckon that it's been so long when you landed on a site with so genuine a content such as mine. I created this blog not to make money of my readers, but to present to my readers some burning desire that are eating me up so that we can create such a lovely community and see how we can all share our ideas to make these trouble be forever removed or better still subsided.

In fact, I have looked for many opportunities in my homeland to air my views about these issues so that the youth can make conscious decision with regards to their education, personal development and wealth creation and yet never given the chance all because I am a college dropout and not rich.

I ask, does being rich signify ones' intelligence? Well, this is the country I found myself-no opportunity to the less privileged and that is why we are all here. To give guidance and directions to those that have lost hope and at the verge of giving up in this awesome gift called life. It is my motto that, whatever I do should advance the status of humankind as well as glory the name of God, otherwise-I won't do it!

 Anyway, worry no more but rather join me to express my deepest gratitude to the "bloggosphere" for the opportunity given me to share the things that matters most without having to worry about my financial and educational backgrounds but rather have to ensure that I present to my readers quality and genuine content in a way that will help solve some of society's pending problems.

 Please, I would like use this opportunity to beckon on you my readers not to leave this web blog without contributing your quota to making this community one of the finest ever online. Our beginning may be small but what matters most is how well we end. This better end will never come when you don't believe in the power of your own thoughts. Do  leave a comment behind for others to also learn from your wisdom.

Remember, regardless of what people may say about you, regardless of your financial background, regardless of your race, regardless of your academic achievements, success will still come when you learn to use your Mind properly by sharing the little you know.  I encourage you not to LEAVE WITHOUT  LEAVING A COMMENT behind as a token of gratitude for the little you have received from me. I really hope you enjoy your stay and never forget to bookmark this page because if you don't, you may not find your way back here again. I love you dearly.

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  1. Hello, I liked your blog. Thank your for ideas