Saturday, 28 July 2012

The School System

The school system throughout the world do virtually follow the same pattern in the development of their man-power. This pattern follows the process:
  • Nursery
  • Kindergarten
  • Primary
  • Junior High School
  • Senior High School
  • College
  • University
It is purported by many opinion leaders that after the school system, securing a job becomes highly possible. While the school system have proven to be a success in time past, it should be noted that this system is not as effective in this 21st century as were in years gone by. In time past, graduates throughout the world are guaranteed safe secured jobs immediately after graduation.

Unlike yesterday, the graduates of today have to wait for a couple of years in order for them to land their "dream job" so to speak or better still a job that will actually pay them as they are worth due to the fact that graduates turnover in recent times are twice as much as the years in succession.

With this assertions being true, the question now is- Can one truly become successful without going through the school system since the opportunity of gaining employment with a well paid company is much limited if not an illusion?

I leave this question to my readers to answer while I prepare the follow up articles on this very question. Don't stand aloof looking on my friends, let's contribute our quota in making our society the best we can.

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