Mission Statement

Welcome to the most intriguing part of my little world. So who is Netbizguy and what's up with that blog name-twinprojectafrica, you may ask?

Netbizguy is the name I have chosen for my virtual life. I chose this name because it tells everyone on an instant the kind of person I am here on the bloggosphere.I am the guy that others don't guite get because I have made a conscious decision to be different regardless of my circumstances. Why would I want to be someone else when there lies within me unbounded possibilities? I chose to question the status quo and this have made most parents to warn their children about me since they fear I might indoctrinate their kids to follow what I believe, not to mention my friends who think I am self conceited( a word that is popularly substituted in my country with  "too known").

Did I mention indoctrination? Think of this:  I question what others accept and (wonder why you don't) because I have never forgotten the ordeal I went through as a child trying to learn the robes of those that have gone before me okay. I remember the tendency of having to accept all I was told without question. Most go along where all else go unconsciously all because right from our infancy at home through our teen years in school, we are taught to conform and made to believe it's weird to be different since that brings failure.

My goal here is to help you open your eyes( as you don't even realise they were closed right from the start of your life on earth). Rather than sitting in my passenger's seat, we'll figure out how to drive our lives. I will challenge the giant within each and everyone of you by encouraging the use of your mind to the fullest and realise to what end you were made. So come along, do not be too judgmental about my gramatical constructions but rather think of what contributions you can do to this very dream and make it a reality so that we can one day celebrate it together( though you might not meet me physically).

With regards to my blog name, it was derived from a long standing unfulfilled dream that I was waiting for that perfect time in my life "offline" to make it happen which never was to be. I felt it's time to make it a reality by taking a giant step forward without waiting for the world to give me that perfect platform which is not forthcoming.

I chose Twin project Africa as my blog business name because this dream presents itself in two folds, therefore a twin. The first is to Inspire all who land on this page to realise what potential they possess and what great an impact they can have regardless of where they find themselves without having to worry about their educational backgrounds or financial status.

 The second is like unto it, to help most people to become entrepreneurs starting with nothing but just a lofty thought and proper channeling of the energy we all already possess.

Welcome aboard as we impact the world!