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It is said in one of our local dialects that, "dzwenmo be mokome yitsomli (Ga) or adwen nne baako fuo ntrimu(Twi)" which means that, wisdom does not lie in the mind on just one man. By virtue of this adage, I have made way for others to contribute their quota for the success of this blog through guest blogging.

Want to be a guest blogger? Got something pretty intriguing, useful, thought provoking, etc that you want get off your chest by sharing with others and gain a little exposure in the process?

I can't assure you that much that you have come to the right source at the right time. Here are some few article submitting guidelines I wish you won't trample upon as you wish to be part of this community:

  • Original Contents only- If it has been or will be posted elsewhere, please don't submit it for review because I won't publish it. I will be much happier if you can write something exclusively for us so as to maintain the freshness of our the site and I hope you show your integrity here by being honest with your articles.
  • You must be the author (please do not submit the work of others, even if you are giving them credit).
  • Be open to allow me to do a little bit of editing on your work. Please don't take it as a personal attack on your grammatical prowess by reading this. I admit that we all come from different backgrounds and some of us don't have English as our first language, neither do we have it as a second language. This lack of much exposure to the English language, makes one more prone to mistakes in the article write ups. Remember, I am not excluding myself from being fallible. Just know that I work with others when it comes to the editing of your work.
  • Add value-while the theme and tone of your article should be in line with what you see on by all means, I'd prefer you put your creativity at work to bring up something I cannot write.
  • Include your contact info-name, website url, and anything else you would like to see included with your article submission to avoid any rift because we are interesting in building relationships not mar it.
 Please be patient as everything is sorted through. Bear in mind not all submissions may be posted. And that's it! Fame, fortune, and prestige await (not really) so submit your work to the email address below: